A Music Manifesto

We hate social apps. It’s true. Not to denigrate the few amazing apps out there that we love, but truth be told, there’s a massive disconnect in the mobile app world between what our phones do for us, and how we genuinely interact with each other.

Tunage Music Match was created for a single reason: we’re the kind of people who’ve spent millions of boozy hours in the smokiest of juke joints, arguing things like “Who gets to sit at the Greatest Songwriters Ever table?” (Answer: whoever Springsteen and Tom Waits want.) …and we want to meet more people like us.

We know you’re the same. Is it conceivable that Back in Black is a better overall album than Thriller? What are the Top 5 Greatest cover songs of the 90s? (Actually…) Why hasn’t Brian Fallon turned “We Did It When We Were Young” into the greatest 8-minute stadium rock anthem since “We Are The Champions?” Why do Mumford & Sons constantly sing about hands, hearts, and the gooiest of loves? For that matter, why does ol’ Frankie at the end of the bar call them “The Mumford Sisters?”

We can’t give you these answers. No, actually, we can. But the problem is, we’re here, you’re over there, and we have no way or reason to ever meet and actually learn that, holy crap, we love the same frickin’ music!

Until now.

Tunage tells you exactly who, within a 10-mile radius, has downloaded the exact same music to their phone that you have, what those songs are, and gives you a medium for connecting in the good ol’ fashioned real world.

Best of all…Tunage never asks you to input your favorite artists. No typing. No hashtags. It’s all automatic. The first time you run Tunage, it will automatically read the songs in your library and show you everybody nearby with the same tunes.

We love this. Why? Because you shouldn’t have to enter Coltrane or The Airborne Toxic Event into some arbitrary box. You shouldn’t have to click some vague “music” icon that tells the world “Hey, I listen to music derp derp derp.” You’ve already made that choice! You’ve already chosen the music and it’s sitting right there in your iTunes or Android library!

So let’s skip that step and get right down to doing what we love the most: meeting people who love the same music we do, hooking up in real life, and talking some serious tunes.

After all…that cute girl at the end of the bar? You didn’t know that she TOO was listening to The Gaslight Anthem’s acoustic KEXP radio session on the subway ride over, did you? With Tunage…now you do. Now you’ve got a first conversation…and a second…and a thousandth. So get on it. Download Tunage, send that girl a “thumbs up,” and watch your world get a little bit cooler every day.

…JD – Tunage Founder


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