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You download awesome music. So do cool, sexy, fun people
in your city.

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    Find your musical soul mates

    The punky-haired girl upstairs loves Jeff Buckley too?
    Bet you didn't know that, did you? With Tunage, now you do. In fact, now you'll know every person within 10 miles who's downloaded any of the same songs you have to their smart phone.
    100 song matches with five dudes in your dorm? Start a band! 348 song matches with the cute girl at the end of the bar? Start a conversation!

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    Filter out the coolest cats

    Search only for guys? Girls? Leprechauns?!
    Well Tunage can't help you with Leprechauns, but it's happy to dig up the very specific kind of people you're trying to find. Girls, guys - it's all good! Even better, you can filter your searches to show the people closest to you, and those with the highest number of tune matches in their libraries.

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    Send a Thumbs Up

    Chat with people who have awesome downloads
    No way - you're watching The Killers live at MSG, and there's only one other guy in the entire audience who has all 10 tracks of remastered Back In Black on his phone? Righteous! Send him a Thumbs Up to let him know you dig his style.

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    Add friends on Facebook

    Want to get seriously connected?
    Link your profile to Facebook so you can start adding friends that you REALLY want to talk to. Don't dig Facebook? No sweat - linking your profile isn't required. But if you do, you can start chatting with righteous new friends, in-app, as soon as Tunage finds them for you. And just like that, you're one step closer to connecting in REAL life, and your social circle is a heck of a lot cooler.

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